Friday, August 11, 2006

Coffee Shop Writing

After exploring the Bravewriter site I was inspired to try some new things with writing. My favorite thing so far is taking Tom and BlochHead to the coffee shop for their writing class. We are aiming to make this a once a week happening. I keep our notebooks, a binder of writing ideas, a pouch of different kinds of pens and some grammar/writing books all packed and ready to go in my Barnes & Noble book bag. We grab our bag and head out to the local coffee shop. This week we had lunch there, but most of the time we plan on just getting a drink. We sit at a cozy table and write. I flipped through Woe Is I - and chose a topic to discuss, which was when to use which or that. It was so relaxing and fun! The girls began to open up about their ideas about writing and what kinds of projects they would like to tackle and what they would like to learn. This definitely did not feel like SCHOOL!

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