Monday, September 17, 2007

In Hopes of Helping to Alleviate Anyone's Fears

Some people have been concerned about the quickness of Candace's engagement. So far, everyone that we know of that had concerns, has been quickly reassured after spending any time with Michael or talking to Candace. And today, our pastor, Chad, was no exception. Chad had concerns after hearing how fast things went. He even called Ford to talk to him about it and to make sure we were ok with it. After their first counseling session today, he said his concerns were gone. They had a great time with him and are really looking forward to the six weeks of counseling ahead.

One of the young men came up to Kezzi at church and asked what was going on. How come Candace had a boyfriend when she had preached against dating to everyone else? Kezzi tried to quickly explain that they had not dated and they were engaged. The young man was shocked and Kezzi didn't have time to explain more. She was sure he left confused but she plans to try to explain more later. Most people don't understand how you can get to the point of engagment without the dating part.

I am really looking forward to the wedding and life with a married daughter and son-in-law. Michael has been so easy and we couldn't ask for a better man for Candace. Of course, we know he must not be perfect, but neither is she. Or any of us. People don't have to be perfect to be a part of God's perfect plan. I pray that the example of God's faithfulness and theirs will be an inspiration to many. I know it's encouraged me even more to trust God - that He is worthy to be trusted and He often has better plans for us than we can even imagine.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a time for everyone to stand in awe of our wonderful, marvelous Lord! I have been praying for Candace for two years and am thrilled and so very thankful for the way God is so beautifully working in her life! I cannot think of anything to say except PRAISE GOD!!!

Anonymous said...

This is really in response to the "anon" comment about the TV news. That "anon" was not me! We, too, made a decision about tv, cable and satellite because of the JUNK! We now have gone with Sky Angel satellite and are enjoying it for the most part. It does have Fox news which is fairly conservative. We still filter some things, but it is nothing like regular tv. We went without tv for a long time and we still consider that from time to time. Life is too short and too precious to fill it up with JUNK! I thank God for all the things your and your family have been spared. Keeping junk out of the home is a great goal!