Friday, September 07, 2007

Now it's Our Turn

It's 2:40pm and we are packed and loaded for the beach, the house is clean, all of the laundry is completely caught up and we are having leftovers for dinner! Kezzi is doing errands and Candace even had time to bake 6 loaves of bread. Whew! It's mighty rare that we are this ready this far ahead of time. We're not leaving until 6am tomorrow morning. Usually I'm running around like a drill sergeant barking orders at the kids and feeling overcome with anxiety over that something I must be forgetting. Maybe I'm getting smarter in my old age and finally learning to do things ahead of time - before the stress hits.
I'm hoping to be soon indulging in scenes like this before I come home and a flurry of activity hits. We will have nine weeks before the wedding from the time we get home. Two weeks in November are going to be insane. The girls are going to be performing their major production on the 10th, then the rehearsal and dinner on the 16th, wedding on the 17th, then my homeschool meeting on the Monday evening following, Tuesday night brings the night for our women's ministry meeting where I am to cook something and be a table hostess, then Wednesday we will leave for Charlotte for our family Thanksgiving celebration. I'm hoping to stock up on rest at the beach and save up for the crazy times ahead.


tootlepip said...

Have a wonderful restful time before your flury of excitement! We are going to the beach tomorrow too, on the other side of the country though. I am afraid that I can't make the same claims about being packed, but we are close and I am very excited! The weather also looks like it will cooperate.

MomToCherubs said...

Praying for rest and strength for the coming months ... and of course, you KNOW you can count on us whenever you need us.

MomToCherubs & Company

Mama Squirrel said...

Oh my goodness-such a short time! Congratulations to your daughter!!