Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cranking Up the Daily Journal Again

This may only interest a few of my readers, such as those of you wanting to see what an academic day in the life of our homeschool looks like. I've decided to give my Shadybrook's Daily Journal blog another try. It's a new year and time to be diligent with things that you know you will probably get slack on later. This time I'm only going to record the activities that involve the three younger kids: Luke (13), Abel (11), and Annalise (7). It's these three that I am directly involved most of each day. Kezzi (17) only has some work in a couple of subjects (English and Math) in order to complete her senior year. And Hope (15) is working mostly on her own this semester so I won't be recording her work either.

Sometimes it will be "just the facts, ma'am" and other times, if the mood strikes, I may include some commentary.

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