Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Remodeling Project That Took Over

We've spent the last couple of weeks converting our screen room into a library/schoolroom. I liked having a screen room but the animals had taken it over, even coming through the screen and ripping the doors apart to get in. It was impossible to keep clean.

I had books all over the house, spread over five different rooms. Now everything is in one central location and it's opened up room all over the rest of the house. Here are pictures of both ends of the room. It is finished except for a couple of piles of things to get rid of.

This project has sparked off a whirlwind of reorganizing and repainting in other rooms. It has helped so much to declutter our main living areas that we are having a hard time getting used to what seems like bareness to us. The girls are in the middle of repainting their rooms. Kezzi had some glitter added to the dark blue paint in their room and it looks really cool in the lamplight. She says it's fairy dust. The room downstairs that used to host the majority of the library has been converted into a cool hang-out room for the kids. They have wild paint plans for that room which are supposed to be acted upon as soon as the girls finish their rooms.

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daisyblend said...

Wow! That looks fantastic! Don'tcha just love remodeling? Especially freeing up space and getting books organized. We did that recently (on a much smaller scale) when Bobby coverted a hallway wall into a book case for me.
Painting is always fun, too. Will have to try the glitter thing...