Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok, Mom, I Finally Counted Them All!

Books that is, not children.

My mom has been bugging me about counting all of our books, especially since they are mostly arranged conveniently in one place now. I think it's at 2,800. I got real close to that and then started remembering a few more in other places around the house so I rounded it up to that. I know that sounds like a lot to most people but thankfully I know of others who have more than twice that many. Like the DHM at The Common Room, who greatly eases my guilt. Ok, so she is the only one I actually know of who has twice as many, but I'm sure there are more out there.

I just love having them all upstairs now. I love that there is room to have them all organized and easy to find. My brother-in-law came over the night it was done and found amusement in calling out a title and seeing how fast I could locate it. He found out that I know my books.

Having them close has inspired me to revisit so many of these old friends with my younger children. I'm reminded that even if I couldn't buy another book, they could still have a great education just using what we already have. I think of the time some day into the future when my grandchildren will enjoy these same books and I don't regret a single purchase.

And it was really fun last week bringing over a brand new to homeschooling mom and watching her jaw hit the floor when she walked into the library/schoolroom. I love inspiring other moms to build a home library! It's fun being the one who will ease their guilt when they discover they are hopelessly addicted.

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