Thursday, January 03, 2008

She's One of the Finalists!

We got the call last night letting us know that Priscilla has made it into the finals for the Emerging Artist Scholarship. Soon she will be going to the school for Scholarship Weekend and going through the final process. We are really hoping that she gets this because, not only will it be an honor, it will be a substantial part of her tuition. I am guessing we will know something by the end of this month.


tootlepip said...

How exciting! May the best happen for her!


MomToCherubs said...

(said with A LOT of enthusiasm while dancing around the room.)

God Bless.

Donna-Jean said...

How exciting! Congratulations so far!

And also, your idea of giving your children a same ornament each year - I love it. I am so glad to read of moms who understand that a future is coming, when they will want relationships between adult children to continue. Great idea!

Mrs.Martin said...

Congratulations to Priscilla! Enjoy reading your blog about your beautiful family.