Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Place to Serve

A new opportunity has come my way that I am so excited about. The MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) ministry which meets at our church is in need of a mentor. Last week I saw the request for a mom with older kids to be a mentor for this group and my heart leaped. I can't think of anything I would love more than a chance to encourage young moms who are in a culture that is at war with family values.

I came home and emailed the leader who had put the request out, told her a little about me and gave her a list of other women in the church she could talk to about me. We emailed back and forth and today I went to look for her after church. I had just turned and asked someone if they knew who she was so they could possibly point her out to me and she had just walked up and said she was who I was looking for. We talked for a bit and I'm going to their meeting this week to start finding out what I can do to help. So far I know they need someone to be there, to listen, to give godly advice, to sometimes speak and lead devotions. I can't wait!

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Granny said...

I haven't served as a mentor mom, but for three years I was on the MOPS speaking circuit and I loved it. What a blessing it is to minister to young moms in the years when they are so impressionable. And what a blessing it will be to all those moms who come in contact with you!