Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Rewards of Exploring

I found these down by the creek this afternoon. I was so excited! My best guess is raccoon, but I'm brand new at this. At first I thought oppossum, but when I came home I checked and the oppossum has fingers more spread and a very unique back track that I did not see down there. I also saw evidence of a clam feast. If anyone else has a different idea, feel free to comment.

I also found a track down by the spring that looked just like a cat print but it was 2" wide (not pictured here). I think it's either it's a bobcat track or a dog track without the claw marks.


MomToCherubs said...

So glad you are enjoying your "adventures" ... and HOORAY you also remembered your camera.

God Bless.

MamaLion said...

Yes, can you believe I not only actually had the camera with me but I remembered to use it? I actually carry it around with me in my hiking pack now along with my binoculars, a magnifying glass, a measuring tape,a tiny journal, pen and even a cell phone. I'm afraid my pack keeps growing.

MomToCherubs said...

Well, thought I would let you know that your excitement is CONTAGIOUS. http://becksbounty.blogspot.com/2008/03/he-spied-little-fellow.html

You might need a hiking-pack-on-wheels soon with all fo that gear. HA !!