Thursday, March 06, 2008

Saturday's Hiking Pictures

Saturday we went to the Occoee Whitewater Center to explore the hiking trails. For once, I remembered to not only take the camera, but to actually use it. So, here's our photo journey.

Getting caffeinated for the hike...The bridge that leads to the trails.

Annalise found a hollowed out tree.

The views were actually nicer because the leaves were still off the trees so we could see the hills in the distance.

The kids all ran ahead to surprise us with this weird pose when we came around the bend. They were perfectly still and looked like they were posing for a CD cover.

Then we came upon them in this pose - a fake campfire scene. They were all acting like they were roasting marshmellows over an imaginary fire.

A moments rest on a bench overlooking the river.

Heading back over the bridge.

Playing down at the river after the hike.

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C&ace said...

It's been awhile since I've looked at your blog. I love the random things the kids (We will always be the KIDS who else can we be?)always think of to do. Like posing around a fake campfire in the middle of a trail. Y'all always managed to crack me up. You guys can make anything fun!!! Love all the Pix!!!!!!!!

Love and miss you all!