Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Annalise's Latest Obsession

This little volume of poetry is what Annalise has been reading and listening to most every spare minute. It has a CD that comes with it that contains some of the poems in this book. She adores this book. She is the kind of child that would definitely do great with the "unschooling" method of education. All I have to do is give her access to good materials and she's off learning all on her own. She frequently tracks me down to tell me about something she's read (Mom, did you know Andrew Johnson didn't learn to read until he was 14?!), read something to me or in this case recite parts of poems that she likes. As I was writing this she brought me the book and read a poem to me and told me she was going to copy it.

I think she is unschooling me.

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