Monday, May 05, 2008

What's Ripe at Shadybrook Acres?

This is the first time we have grown salad greens that are not bitter. Every day we are enjoying fabulous salads. I've ordered lots of different kind of lettuce seeds and we are going to experiment with a row cover to try and keep us in fresh greens all summer. Our first head of broccoli this season! And our first batch of strawberries.

We continue to have a bounty of eggs.

Ripe eggs turn into chicks! Well, ok, maybe ripe is not the right word but I had to include our 7 new chicks. It was great fun when Luke came in the first morning with a new chick. Then soon after, 0n another morning, he was bringing a new one in every 20 minutes or so. Luke had them outside for a "walk" today when I took this picture. We've been raising them in a box in the school room but soon they will be placed in their new outdoor pen.

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tootlepip said...

What a wonderful bounty! It almost makes me wish I still had a garden. Almost, but not quite.