Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Summer Routine

After this next week, we will be gliding into the summer routine. The best part is being able to sleep in when we want to! We always hold to some kind of routine because the kids seem to appreciate their free time when they don't have too much of it. And I don't like to spend the beginning of the new school year reviewing too much. I do drop all of this for a trip to the lake or something else that might come up.

My plan for our summer schedule is this:

Morning Quiet time - individual Bible reading and prayer

Kezzi, Hope and I are each doing the Precepts Ministries Heberews study. I bought Luke a copy of The One Year Book of Josh McDowell's Youth Devotions: A Daily Adventure in Making the Right Choices. I'm anxious to see how he'll like it. Abel and Annalise are still working through their Bible story readers with the Rod & Staff readers, although Abel did buy a new Bible at church today and I'm sure he'll want to read directly from that too.

Morning Worship & Family Read Aloud

I am hoping to have Kezzi and Hope learn enough worship songs on the piano and guitar to lead us in some singing and I'm going to print songbooks so we can all sing along. For our Read Aloud time, I have a list of books that I want to read to the kids this summer. We are working on Swiss Family Robinson right now. Here's some others I hope to get to:

Tree of Freedom

Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold

Rip Van Winkle

Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Robinson Crusoe

2 books left in the Narnia series...The Silver Chair and The Last Battle

finish the Ralph Moody series

The Railway Children

The Secret Garden

Table Time -

Hope still has math and science to do every day until she finishes her books.

Luke and Abel are going to practice typing and do a short drawing exercise. And Luke has to finish up some pages in his math workbook.


Many days will be filled with free time here but we will have gardening and canning to keep up with, along with occasional yard work and housecleaning.

After Lunch - Personal Reading of choice

This will be short rest when each person can read whatever they choose.

More FREE TIME before dinner.

One day a week the boys will have more school type stuff . They requested that we do this all in one day so the rest of the days were more free.

Dictation & Spelling rules, Math review (Life of Fred books) and Botany will be the once a week subjects. We will probably also include occasional other nature study besides our botany course.

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