Thursday, May 08, 2008

Girls and Women Together

I wrote about our ladies small group's decision to start including our daughters here in this post. There were only three of us there that night when we discussed this issue. Due to a lot of different interruptions we had not met a lot since then. Last night was our first meeting in a few weeks, and boy was I surprised to count NINETEEN women/girls there! There were ten women and nine girls (mostly middle school aged).

And better yet was the fact that several of the girls talked quite a bit and quite openly!!! They shared about school experiences and asked questions about what they should do. My heart leaped for joy at the thought of building these relationships now that very well might help them through even rougher years ahead in high school and beyond. Many of us older women marveled as they filed out to go jump on the trampoline after the meeting. Some remarked that they would have never talked so freely at that age in a group of adults.

I'm really thankful that this has not been labeled a mother/daughter group because I SO treasure the women there who do not have daugthers to bring. We were trying to take down the barriers, not create others. And I'm so thankful for the variety of women there.

Can I do a little victory dance here?? I can't wait to see the fruit of this in the time to come!

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