Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Grandma Grooms Monster Dog

Grandma strolled over this afternoon while we were working in the yard blowing leaves, picking up odds and ends and doing our basic spring clean-up. Seizing the opportunity for a break, we sat on the porch and admired the beautiful day. While sitting on the porch, she noticed our dog, Pal, had some matted hair and burrs that needed attention. Before we knew it she was calling for the scissors and dog brush and the fur was a flying, literally.
Now, this is no ordinary dog mind you, this is a Monster Dog. From our living room windows he looks like a polar bear coming down the hill. Here is a picture of his paw next to our fifteen year old daughter's hand: -
Grandma got right to work and not only did Pal sit patiently through it all, he loved it. It actually went very smoothly, except for the time he jumped up to let my brother's dog know he was still boss. Just because he was getting his hair done didn't mean he was getting girly!
When he thought she was done, he tried begging for more.
Of course, Grandma obliged.
And finally, here he is looking very satisfied with himself.


Kaleesha said...

I don't think I knew you had a Great Pyr. He's very handsome. They're great dogs, aren't they? I just love big dopey dogs. We brought home a Pyr puppy about a month ago. A family in Spfd were unexpectedly "blessed" with a litter of 13! All free to good homes. How could I resist?

MamaLion said...

I think he's the greatest. He's a great watchdog. But others are not always as fond of him. He does get agressive because he's very protective of us. He is especially bonded with our children. Once when an uncle was play wrestling with one of the boys, he came up behind him and nipped him in the bottom!