Monday, February 27, 2006

More on Entertainment

This post from Spunky is about Focus on the Family's response to the television program LOST. A while back my children asked to watch the show, citing many Christian friends who watch it regularly. We tuned in and it wasn't long before we wished we hadn't. Once again we were saddened by the compromise Christians make for the sake of entertainment. I completely sympathize with Spunky's post.
Most of my friends know this is my personal portable soapbox that I carry with me everywhere I go. It has convenient handles and a nice little megaphone that fits inside just waiting to be pulled out when the occasion merits. But my blog friends have yet to learn how obnoxious and unrelenting I can be on the subject! :)
It's not that we think we are above it. We've been there. I'm sure we have watched worse things than any of our friends do now or possibly ever have. That's probably why it is such a passion of ours. We know the slippery slope all too well.
We recently had a conversation with our children about what the Bible has to say on the matter and I blogged about it here.

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