Wednesday, December 28, 2005

First Annual Lazy Day

If you had walked up to our front door or screenroom door yesterday you would have found this notice:

Enter at Your Own Risk:
December 27, 2005
Is hereby declared
We can not be responsible
for the condition of said house or the
inhabitants thereof.
Inhabitants may be found playing games, drinking hot
chocolate or just sitting around talking and laughing.
No work is allowed, including washing dishes or picking up
anything until after 4pm.
First there were puzzles and games...
Then we made snacks and watched movies - the newer version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Muppet's Treasure Island...

Here's evidence of how LAZY everyone was. So all in all, I'd say the day was a success!


Kaleesha said...

tsk tsk, you picked up your camera!

MamaLion said...

Yes, I'm afraid it's a bit of an addiction. Some things just can't be helped! :)