Friday, December 09, 2005

Narnia, More Than a Story!!!

Well, I got to see The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe!!! I was there the second it turned to a new day on December 9th of 2005 at 12:00 am. I arrived in my PJs and slippers as did several of my friends. This was a momentous occasion for me! I have been in love with Narnia since I was a little girl and I have read the series 9 times which is far to few if you ask me. I plan on reading them again ASAP.

When I was a lot younger I used to tell my family that someone needed to make movies of Narnia and very soon MamaLion found that someone had. We rented three of them. I hated them all!!! I wanted to throw rotten veggies and darts at the TV because they gave such a lousy, lame, loser attempt at doing Narnia justice.

Narnia, to me, seems so much more then a story or a fantasy. I feel like I've lived there and been a part of something so much bigger and more important than me and when I am jolted back to earth I see things in a much bigger way then ever before.

The future hinges on what is done now and every battle that rages inside us is so important to our Lion of Judah. Just like Peter who could not have victory over the powers of darkness even with all of Narnia at his side. Only along side his perfect King could his efforts have power behind them and the powers of evil became too weak to stand against them. It is just so with Our God.

There's a bigger picture and we don't have to see it to believe it. One knows that when darkness fights so desperately that there must be so much to lose and therefore much for us to gain. There will be battles and they must be fought!!!

This movie that I saw last night did the book so much justice. I believe I held my breath through the whole movie and watched with glittery-eyed amazement as I discovered Narnia with the children, betrayed those whom I loved and through misery, pain and hopelessness was rescued in shame and found cleansing forgiveness with Edmund.

I felt unworthy and too small to lead something as important as the armies of Aslan, yet still found courage to do what was asked of me, and I lead many men into what seemed a hopeless battle along side Peter.

I cried when I saw the darkest sides of evil with Susan and Lucy as they watched their great King die in shame for they, their brothers and all of Narna, and buried my face in Aslan's fur and wet him with my tears then felt the power and joy that flowed when death could not conquer Him!!!

I lived as a queen in Narnia then found, when I stumbled back to earth, that I was only a girl again with a new and greater perspective on life!!!!!!!!!!!


PearlKeeper said...

Oh Queen of Narnia, (May you live forever), I felt these same emotions as I sat just a few seats away from you in the theater. But may I make a suggestion Your Majesty? ...Try to think of other things throughout the week so that your royal mind is not too overwhelmed with happiness and bliss. AND so that the rest of the palace dwellers are not completely annoyed by your bubbling, gushing, joy!!! :)

Kaleesha said...

Very well said, AdventureQueen. Narnia was always a favorite of mine, too. Recently I was priveleged to share the books with my kids. What a wonderful thing! Farra soaked it up! No sooner did I finish reading them aloud than we discovered the stories beginning on Focus on the Family's radio theater. The lasting result of that is that now the two girls speak with English accents whenever they play-act. :D
I can't wait to see the movie!

Rob said...

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