Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Deliverer

But I am poor and needy,
yet the Lord thinketh upon me;
Thou art my help and my deliverer;
make no tarrying, O my God.
Psalm 40:17

PearlKeeper created this picture, inscribed it with the accompanying Bible verse, and gave it to her dance instructors in memory of their last production History: My Deliverer for a Christmas gift. This is an illustration of the dance they did to Rich Mullins' My Deliverer.

Here are quite a few professional photos that were taken of the show.

We are so blessed that God has used this production to touch lives. They are getting many requests to come perform, some even from across the country. We are also blessed to have studio owners/professional dance instructors who have a vision for using dance to reach people for God. I would have never thought my daughters would be dancers but this studio's vision and commitment to modesty has opened the door for the children to minister in this way.

In the past, I would be too humble to invite strangers to come to a dance recital but this last production was different. The message was so powerful and the kids were incredible!! They made the stories come alive, not only with their professionalism, but their heart to worship. During the last show, the people could barely contain themselves. It was as if they were trying their best to stay in their seats. Several times many would stand and lift their hands in worship.

Pertinent scripture verses were read between numbers with great background music from the soundtrack of The Passion. There were so many beautiful and touching numbers beginning with My Deliverer when we see the Israelites in bondage waiting for their Deliverer. Jesus' birth, his childhood, the miracles in You Raise Me Up, especially when he raises the girl from the dead (I can't tell you how many times that one made me cry, even in practice!). The garden of Gethsemene when the powers of darkness battle Jesus' spirit and the crucifixion to Third Day's Thief!!! The climax is Arise My Love (we call it the stick dance) when Jesus comes out after he's risen from the tomb. The professional lighting, the live singers, the fog was incredible! But it didn't end there -- there was the Day of Pentecost to Third Day's Consuming Fire and ending with The Days of Elijah as the grand finale with the whole cast.

I wish all of you could see it!!

Please pray for the studio as it pursues fund raising. The shows are very expensive to do with the lighting and crew needed. The family running the studio does not make a profit. They try to keep the dance lessons affordable because most of their clients are students in homeschooling families, who are living off of the income of one parent. Many of the families have more than one child taking lessons. They are not doing this to make money, but to follow God in their vision for taking back the arts.

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