Tuesday, December 12, 2006

He's Here!

Here is a picture of the happy mother snuggled down in bed with Joseph Peter, who is only a couple of hours old. He weighs in at 7 lbs. 8 oz and measures 20 3/4 inches long. His little eyes are already dark and he has a little bit of dark hair.
PearlKeeper and I went over about 2pm and played cards with Lori between her contractions. The midwife broke her water around 6:30 and the baby was born by 9:30. She had a difficult time pushing him out since he was posterior and had his arm wrapped around his chest and stuck under his chin. The midwife worked very hard too. We were all relieved to see him enter the world and take his first breath.
My niece and nephews came over for a quick peek at their new little brother before they went back to my house and went to bed down for the night. The only one missing was baby Sarah because she was already asleep at my house. It was a beautiful sight to see their delighted faces as they looked on the newest addition to the family.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful (early) Christmas present! He is so cute!!! Thanks for the pitures! Tell Lori that we love her lots. We cant' wait to meet Joseph in person!
God Bless you all,

MomToCherubs said...

How very precious !! Many answered prayers ... safe delivery .... Mom healthy ... baby healthy. Our cherubs are so excited ... esp Cherub6 who exclaimed A NEW FRIEND FOR ME !!

Kaleesha said...

Hey MamaLion,
Thanks for posting the info and pics so quickly. I was expecting her to go at least a FEW days overdue! I was just fixin' ta call her, thinking I'd catch her still pregnant. Praise God for a terrific midwife, safe delivery, and wonderful family to welcome such a sweet little guy.

MamaLion said...

You are welcome. We will be posting more soon. I know a lot of Lori's in-laws and friends keep an eye on this blog for news and pictures about them. We'll be glad to oblige.