Monday, December 04, 2006

The Nativity Story

Since our church is now an hour away, some of our sunday afternoons are spent wandering around town waiting to go to an evening service. To kill time, we went to see the nativity story. It was really incredible. That was actually the first time I ever cried over a movie. It didn't seem like the kind of movie that many people would get emotional over, but it just hit me funny. It wasn't near as sad as some movies I've seen, so I don't really know why. I cried at the part when Jesus was born, but the whole thing was moving. I really recommend anyone seeing it. It was accurate to the story and there wasn't a whole lot added. It also wasn't as violent as it might could've been, so that was good. The whole thing just really made you feel for the people in it.


Anonymous said...

Hey BLOCHhead,
I've heard several varying opinions on the movie. People on the radio say it's great, but the Stoyeffs and much of the H2O crowd saw it, and said it wasn't worth the money. I may just have to see it myself...

Anonymous said...

Okay, I didn't say it wasn't worth the money, I just thought that it could have been done better. But the more important this is what each person as an individual gets out of it. I too cried when Jesus was born, I thought that Joseph was fantastic, and I was glad that they stuck with the story for the most part. I guess that everyone will just have to see it for themselves and form their own opinions. I am glad that you enjoyed it BLOCHhead.
God Bless,

Tim's Mom said...

I've been waiting for someone I know to see this and post a review. It sounds like one we'll go to see!