Saturday, December 02, 2006

History Performance in March

For those of you who might be interested, we have a History:My Deliverer performance scheduled for March 16-18th. Of course, we'd love to have our out-of-town friends and family come. I'm sure we could find a way to put any and all of you up.

It's been quite a while since we've performed this so we are all excited to have it up and running again. The kids have all improved so much over the last year and a half, I can't wait to see the new show!

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Anonymous said...

Thnxgiving was great here too. I have a really, really gross story that I didn't post on my site, but if you guys will remind me, I'll tell it, but I can't put it on the 'net w/out scaring people off.
I've got a bone to pick w/ PearlKeeper! Liz threw more than enough snowballs to get us even for that mudfight I drug you into. Let's call it square. My neighbors were saying you were wanting to head down here soon.. MamaLion, thnx for the encouragement.