Friday, December 15, 2006

Such A Glowing Review

AdventureQueen is applying for a job as camp counselor this summer. One of the letters of recommendation must come from a friend. So she asked her best friend to write one. Tonight we received this hilarious reply in our email box. (Thanks for a good laugh, Rachel!) We especially like this part: "I have never seen her do anything wild or crazy." Yeah, right. That reminds me, I need to tell the story of her punching her uncle in the face recently. That's a little crazy, even if he did request it.
To whom it may concern,
I have been asked by the applicant (Adventure Queen) to provide a letter of recommendation as to her character and spiritual well being, so that you can consider whether or not she has the attributes necessary for placement as a counselor at xxxxxx.
I will begin by saying that I have known AdventureQueen for nearly fourteen years, and consider her to be one of my best friends. Do not think, however, that this will bias my opinion of her in any way. I am fully capable of taking a step back and viewing her life as a whole. By doing this I will present you with an accurate and non-prejudice record of her actions. Having established this as fact, I would like to introduce to you, the AdventureQueen that I know.
For being a mere nineteen years of age, AdventureQueen has shown herself to be a most mature and wise person. She is the perfect picture of everything that a young woman should be. Her wonderful personality is the perfect mix of love, joy, peace, kindness, selflessness, strength, helpfulness, happiness, intelligence, and brilliance. I have yet to find anyone else that I know who has attained such a perfect combination. She has the most wonderful artistic talents and tastes, which she shares with all of those around her. The extent of her sweet tempered personality can not be set, it reaches out to everyone she comes into contact with. And yet, in all this she manages to never be overbearing or intimidating. The shyest child quickly warms to her, and the most adverse soon realizes that she only wants what is best for them.
Her sense of humor is immaculate. The crude and crass jokes of today are impossible to utter in her presence. She inspires only pure and good things. I have never seen her do anything wild or crazy. Where others girls would trip into goofiness and silliness, (perhaps from staying up too late?) she is the immovable column of strength and stability. Do not think, however, that this would cause her to be priggish or stuffy. Indeed, it is quite to the contrary. She is a delight to be with, and every moment spent with her is spent in enjoyment. She never thinks of herself, merely of others. And the delight that she has in serving them only adds to her other perfections. Indeed, the more I contemplate of her character, the more I am certain that I would in no way change it. What need is there to alter what cannot be improved upon?
Having shown you thus, like an open book, the life and doings of AdventureQueeen, I would ask that you deeply consider taking her for part of your summer staff. There is nothing that I would not trust her to do. She is fully capable of anything that you would require of her, and is therefore, perhaps, already set a notch above the others. Do not hesitate to put your faith in her. She will not disappoint your expectations!


Anonymous said...

That is hysterical. Can you get Rachel to write me one? I want to be lied to, errr, I mean, portrayed in such a realistic manner. I hope you get the job, AdvQueen.

MomToCherubs said...

Can I write a letter of recommendation too ?? I would add that she is a VERY hard worker, and is esp talented at working a wet-vac in the midst of chaos. THANK YOU ADVENTURE QUEEN !!! We love you.

i don't think i should tell you ( but you can guess said...

yeah thats real cute now let write a real one adventure queen is just short of insane she is crazy in her own little way she is always going going just like the innergizer bunny she loves beating on her little siblings and letting them know whos boss and that its her way no highway option she is the bmoc(big man on campus) shes a nut especailly in the later hours of the night and she is secretly planning to take over the world and everyone will wear buttons that say adventure queen rules but all kidding aside really shes just a dork