Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Measure of Success

Congratulations to our PearlKeeper on her ACT score of 25! This was her first time taking any standardized test because I've never been a fan of standardized testing, mainly because I don't believe it is always an accurate measure of scholastic aptitude.
The especially rewarding news for this history-and-literature-loving-homeschooling mama is that she scored 33 on the English section. This comes from almost no formal English lessons, but instead copying, dictation and narrating and hours and hours of reading a wide variety of books. Of course, she has always been an extraordinary student so I'm sure she would have done well no matter which method we used, but still it is evidence to most people that these methods do work. And sadly, when it comes down to credibility, it seems that test scores are what carry the weight.
She plans to take the test again in the next few months and in the meantime work on her science score and also try to bring up her math score. And she wants to take the writing part next time too. I expect she'll do even better because she only spent a short amount of time studying before she took it the first time. Next fall she is thinking of applying to a nearby university while continuing to pursue her artistic endeavors, both in college and professionally.

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congrats, PearlKeeper!