Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christians and Public Schools

Several years back when Dr. James Dobson recommended Christians make a mass exodus out of the public school systems, I remember thinking, "Finally, he's seen the light!" I hoped with such an influential man standing against the agenda of the liberals in America's public schools, that many parents would wake up and realize things are much worse than when they were in school.
Talking with my mother the other night, it was interesting to compare her school experiences with mine and then take into consideration what is going on today. The downfall is obvious. There's enough information this topic to choke a horse, with evidence that should make any true Christian cringe and cry out to God for our nation. I live in a small town in the South (Remember the Bible Belt?) and I've heard enough stories from locals, let alone news stories from across the nation, that make me willing to go to war to keep my children from those kinds of experiences.
Here's a couple of posts on the topic with enough links to keep you busy reading for a while: Spunky's post and Biblical Womanhood And if you really feel ambitious check out John Taylor Gatto's site and read among other things the online copy of Underground History of American Education.
This is serious business folks and our children are the battleground.

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