Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tommy's First Speaker

Pieces Suitable for Little Boys to Recite
In alphabetical order
A Boy's Dream
Nine grenadiers with bayonets on their guns;
Nine bakers' baskets with hot cross buns;
Nine brown elephants standing in a row;
Nine new velocipedes - good ones to go;
Nine Kinckerbocker suits with buttons all complete;
Nine pairs of skates with straps for the feet;
Nine little drummer boys beating on their drums;
Nine fat Aldermen sitting on their thumbs;
Nine times running-I dreamt it all plain.
With bread and cheese for supper I could dream it all again.
A Little Boy
Where have they gone to- the little boys,
With natural manners and natural joys?
Who cherish their youth-at least till they're ten,
And wait for their manhood ere playing at men?
Little old men in plenty I find,
Boorish in manners and sensual in mind:
Who express great contempt for "only a girl,"
Spending hours on a mustache too honest to curl.
Little old beaux with gloves and a cane,
Aping their elders, their manners, their mien;
Little old fops, incipient dudes,
Who already suffer from "states" and "moods."
Once, in the beautiful long ago,
There were little boys I used to know,
Kind in their manners, real boys in their play,
Who whistled and frolicked the livelong day.
Who liked the girls because they were "mates"-
Girls who ran races and climbed high gates-
Who never said, "Oh, only girls, don't you know?"
Or "this is the fashion," or this is the "go."
Oh, where are these dear little gentlemen now?
Could I find one I'd give him a bow:
I would place on his forehead a crown of pure gold,
And a gem-hilted sword in his right hand to hold.
I would place him then on a beautiful throne,
And call all the children their king to own.
A Manly, Loving Boy
He walks beside his mother,
And looks up in her face
With a glow of loving, joyous pride
And a truly royal grace;
He proudly waits upon her-
Would shield her without fear,
The boy who loves his mother well,
Her little cavalier.
To see no tears of sorrow
Upon her loving cheek,
To gain her sweet approving smile,
To hear her softly speak-
Ah, what in all this wide, wide world
Could be to him so dear,
The boys who loves his mother well,
Her little cavalier?
Look for that boy in the future
Among the good and true;
All blessings on the upward way
His feet shall still pursue!
Of robed and crowned and sceptered kings
He stands the royal peer,
The boy who loves his mother well,
Her noble cavalier.
An Old Hen
An old hen sat on turtle's eggs,
And she hatched out goslings three;
Two were turkeys with slender legs,
And one was a bumble bee.
"Very odd children for such a mother!"
Said all the hens to one another.

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