Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cool Composition Books

Hop on over to Bona Vita Rusticand Est and check out Tim's Mom's handmade composition books here and here. I love this idea! We usually use store-bought composition notebooks but one thing I don't like is how many pages are in them. We never fill one up before the end of the year and so they get put on the shelf half full because we all like a new one for the new school year. These can be made much smaller and therefore better suited to be used in a topical way. I can't wait to run to Staples today for supplies!


Tim's Mom said...

If you make them (or the envelopes), I'd love to see your results!

MamaLion said...

Ha Ha! Did you think any of my children's artist talents came from me?? I did try to make a few. I do have one excuse, my scissors are not sharp enough to trim the edges nicely. On the other hand, if I posted them you would be so encouraged about your own work! :)

I'll be sure and get photos of the envelopes the girls make here pretty soon.