Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Science Labs

In the early years of homeschooling I used to buy fun looking science curriculum with pre-packaged supplies to do all of the accompanying experiments. They looked like so much fun but for some reason I never had the heart to do the labs. I would always put it off, preferring more literary science books. Being the junkie that I am, I accumulated all kinds of experiment books and supplies, thinking surely this time I would make myself do it. The girls were never very interested either. Finally the boys came along. They have been begging for years to do "experiments". I tried to dangle a carrot in front of them by saying, "As soon as you can read well enough, you can experiment until your heart is content!"
Well, that day has come. Today I gave them time to play with our science experiment books and oodles of science supplies. They had a grand time. Setting it all out for them like a great buffet and letting them help themselves to hours of fun worked wonderfully. I think we will have a new cold-rainy-day activity for the winter days ahead! For an extra bonus, next time I'll have to invite their cousins over to join in the fun.
This is the series that seemed to be the most popular one of the day.

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