Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wild Berry Fun

The boys (Smokeybear, Tigger, and their three cousins) and the Littlestprincess all built a few tepees on top of our hill. These have provided great entertainment for the last few days and I have seen them out the window every afternoon dashing back and forth. Smiling to myself, I can clearly remember the times I spent my afternoon happily playing indians on the hill with my sisters.
This particulair afternoon I had finished my school and was (weird as it sounds) not in the mood to read and was wishing I still got the same enjoyment out of playing indians. Well ,I decided it wouldn't hurt to see what they were up to so I donned a coat and set off for the top of the hill. When I got there they were all gathered in a circle and cracking up. They called to me and I came over.
I looked a little closer and I saw that Smokeybear had a stick and was mashing it up and down in a container and it was making a sick squelching noise. I looked into the container and it was a mass of purple globiness. They had squished up some berries and were delighted with it. I couldn't help but get involved and immediately started suggesting more ingredients. They added leaves, water, more berries, charcoal from the fire, and water. This was our lovely result.
They ended up showing me their teepees and I was brought back to the times when it was a hill with girls running back and forth making pies with wild berries and mud. It's too bad we have to grow up! :)

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MomToCherubs said...

They did not paint their faces ?? And yours too ?? Oh - that would have been the best !!