Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Educational Vacation

This has definitely been a vacation filled with experiencing new flora and fauna. We have collected all sorts of interesting things from the beach. While we were collecting different types of sponges, a seagull flew over to us and dropped the biggest one, by far, that we had seen. Then he just stood there looking at us as if waiting for our thanks. Everything is on a pan out on the balcony so they don't stink up the inside and boy, can you smell them as soon as you step out there. The boys had a new experience today. They picked coconuts, broke one open and drank the milk and then brought another one home. They had just watched a show the first night in the hotel room about a man surviving on a deserted island so they knew just what to do with the coconut.

Then in addition to all of the new experiences, M.O.M. (mean ol' mom), amid much protest, is making the boys spend 15 minutes each day writing about their activities. They resist but to no avail! :) I know eventually they will be glad they documented these times.

Maybe all of this "education" will counteract all of the time they are spending in between activities watching one of the three tvs here in our rooms. We don't watch tv at home so it is an extra treat that we feel we can afford to indulge them in on these rare occasions, especially since it is mostly Animal Planet and Discovery channel shows.

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