Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Vacation Strategy

Tomorrow is our last day here at the resort so we were discussing what we want to do at dinner time. I asked the question, "If you had one hour tomorrow to do whatever you wanted to do, what would it be?" Of course, it had to be something free or very cheap. Nine people for a dinner cruise is just not an option. There was actually quite a variety of answers. When you put them all together, you have a Last-Day-Of-Vacation-Plan. The stipulation is each person has to cheerfully participate in every activity. Nine people, nine choices. If you want to guess who chose what, leave a guess in the comments section and we'll award a virtual Florida t-shirt to the winner.

Here's what our agenda looks like.

Sand sculpture (we haven't decided exactly what we are going to make yet)
Beach volleyball
swim in the ocean (thankfully, the man-o-wars have moved south)
Trip to a local nature park
nature journaling/painting
shuffleboard tournament
tv time (2 people chose this)
Rent a movie to watch on the NEW LAPTOP!

We'll let you know how it goes and hopefully post pictures tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Mr Potts- shuffleboard tournament

Mamalion- nature journaling/painting

Adventurequeen- Beach volleyball

Pearlkeeper- swim in the ocean

Kezzi- Rent a movie

Blochhead- tv

smokeybear- trip to nature park

tigger- tv

TheLittlestPrincess- sand sculpture

Have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Mr Potts- sand sculpture

MamaLion- trip to nature park

AdventureQueen- swim in the ocean

PearlKeeper- nature journaling/painting

Kezzi- Rent a movie

BlochHead- beach volleyball

SmokeyBear- shuffleboard tournament

Tigger- tv

TheLittlestPrincess- tv

Dani said...

how about watching tv while playing beach vollyball in the ocean