Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We visited the lighthouse at St. Augustine Sunday. The weather was beautiful! The weather in Tennessee hasn't been all that bad this winter, but we are still appreciating the 80 plus degrees.
Mr. Potts and I waited while the kids climbed to the top. TheLittlestPrincess looked a little pale when she returned from the hike to the top of the lighthouse, but she pinked up soon after I gave her a reassuring hug.
They also enjoyed climbing around on the big Spanish moss covered Live Oaks.

Yesterday we walked to this lighthouse. On the way we noticed strange blue bubble looking things washed up on the beach. Some older people stopped Mr. Potts from touching one and told us they were Portuguese Man-O-War! They can sting weeks after they are washed ashore and even when the tentacles are detached. We began to see all kinds of them on the beach and we had to really be careful not to step on them. Not long after this we came upon a family on the beach gathered around their son, looking concerned. I approached them and ask if he had been stung. He had. There was a long blue looking line along his neck and part of his chest. Mr. Potts had me bring along a little vinegar in case we needed to put it on a jellyfish sting, so I was able to offer some instant relief to the little boy. He stopped crying immediately and they left to see what king of treatment he would need. It ended up being a longer walk than we had imagined, especially facing into the wind on the way back. The exercise paid off, however, in the form of a jamocha almond fudge hot fudge sundae later on that evening!


Anonymous said...

Lighthouses are excellent!!!!
See my blog of S African lighthouses.
How did you get a counter on your blog???
Regards Joe

Anonymous said...

The Man-O-Wars are among the most poisonous jellyfish in the world. Its a good thing that those people stopped him from touching them!!

MamaLion said...

Just click the link under the counter and it will take you to the site where I got it from.

Yes, we were very thankful!! Especially after we came back and looked them up on the internet and read about how bad their stings can be.