Friday, January 05, 2007


Tonight my husband brought me a big box that UPS delivered down at the shop. It was full of packing peanuts but when I reached in, I pulled out a beautiful shiny black leather LAPTOP CASE with a beautiful LAPTOP computer in it! A very good and generous friend of ours sent it to me as a gift. A gift!! And the best gift I could wish for it is. Wow! It also came at the perfect time since we are leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to Florida. I will be able to email and blog from the BEACH!!! And I will be able to access high speed internet from the places we stay, which will be a treat because I don't have it yet at home. And I will be able to come home and take it with me to the coffee shop. Now while the girls are doing their writing, I'll be sitting there sipping my chai tea latte with a silly grin on my face while I email, blog and surf the net!
THANK YOU, ALBERT!!!!! And Annie too, for giving up Albert's time so he could work on this. We love you both! Aren't you two due for a Smoky Mountain vacation??


MomToCherubs said...

You can use "high speed" over here ... but I only have coffee or herbal tea, instead of ChaiTea Latte. Have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

We'll be getting a family laptop soon, to replace our stone-age computer. All of you, enjoy the vacation!!
PS, I love chai latte!
PPS, I've never been to the beach!