Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our Twentieth Anniversary

We were married this day, January 24, 1987. We dated for three weeks, were engaged for three months, purposely got pregnant after one month and twenty years and seven kids later, we would do it all over again.
Here are 20 reasons I'm glad that I've been married for twenty years.

1. He is the calm in the storm.

2. He is always looking for ways to serve his family.

3. He's my favorite person to stay up late and talk with.

4. He's humble.

5. He laughs at me, even when I poke fun at him.

6. He still tells me I'm pretty, and he makes me believe he thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world.

7. He always says yes when I ask him if he wants to go out.

8. He loves to play with the kids.

9. He builds fun toys.

10. He is spontaneous.

11. He has worked hard and been diligent in order to provide for his family.

12. He is trustworthy.

13. He trusts me to run the home and respects that job as a most worthy career.

14. He is still in great shape.

15. He doesn't act his age.

16. He loves people and animals.

17. He supports me buying books (what more can one ask for? :) and homeschooling our children.

18. He still finds time to read picture books to TheLittlestPrincess.

19. He cares about the Kingdom of God more than anything else.

20. Because it's hard to quit at 20 and I look forward to our 50th when I can list 50 reasons.


MomToCherubs said...

Happy Anniversary !! 20 years - WOW !! We just loved your list of "20". TOAST to you "Here's To Another 20 !"

tootlepip said...

Happy 20th Anniversary! Isn't it wonderful to have a great husband. I sure appreciate mine.