Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Playing in the Sand

Things have settled down here so I'm finally getting a chance to post more about the end of the trip.

For those who are curious, here were the choices everyone made on the last day:
Mr. Pott's - Sand Sculpture
MamaLion - trip to nature center
AdventureQueen - beach volleyball
PearlKeeper - movie
Kezzi - tv time
BLOCHhead - painting/nature journaling
SmokeyBear - tv
Tigger - Shuffleboard tournament
TheLittlestPrincess - swim in the ocean

We were not able to do all of them. It was very chilly and windy on the beach so we didn't swim or play volleyball. We did get the sand sculpture done. Yes, it's a little weird. But what does every big family wish for more of? Bathrooms!

The seaweed is the bathmat.
SmokeyBear found an old toothbrush on the beach and all of the little additions like these nuts for the handles and the little glass bottle.
It was a lot of fun and even though there were not many people on the beach, we did get a few grins and snickers from the few passers by.


Sherri said...

I LOVE IT!!! That is so awsome. That toilet is so realistic that some little kid will surely take advantage of its convenience...hahaha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You girls told me about these before. Is it a regular hobby of yours? I would definitely snicker. You Rock,

Victor said...

Potty humor will always get a laugh out of me...even when it is this literal :-)

Good artwork!