Friday, January 26, 2007

Reality Check

Please don't assume since I only write about the good times on this blog, that we only have good times. And don't assume that is what I want you to think. That is not my goal at all. Once I was accused of trying to look like the perfect homeschooling family, which was rather shocking because out of everyone I knew I felt like I "told all" more than anyone else. My middle name was "open". I usually come away kicking myself for telling too much. In fact, if you knew me in real life and if you came to our CM monthly meeting, you would be well acquainted with our academic struggles. I just don't broadcast negative things here. I wouldn't want my children or husband displaying my shortcomings on the internet, so I don't do that to them.

Of course, we have bad days. I get frustrated just like the next guy when so-and-so still doesn't get it. I get looney over a messy house. Sometimes I wonder if I should revamp and do things differently. I wonder if I'm doing enough or too much. I wonder if there is some important thing I am forgetting. (Oh dear, you never learned that did you?) Those things all happen. I really do try not to "live there", in that state. I try to look at the good, which is pretty much only from the influence of my husband and sister because I tend to be a critical type of person.

A funny thing...just hours after I typed up our schedule for the blog, I had a talk with one of my daughters that caused me to rethink something and make a change. But I won't share that yet. I made up my mind quite some time ago, after I saw too many poor souls collapsing with the effort, that I would try not to drag everyone along on every rabbit trail I run down. Instead, I'll share what has definitely worked for me -- after I know it has worked. So maybe this summer, you'll hear about our changes.

If you get discouraged because your family isn't perfect, read Edith Schaeffer's writings. Or just come here for a visit. Her writings are a better bet because the proof is in the pudding. And ours is still in the oven.

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Sherri said...

What an inspiration! I have thought the same thing about my Blog. I have kept journals for years....I love to go back and read them. One thing that bothers me about Blogging is that it has taken me away from my journals. I was so honest in my journals...went more into my internal struggles with things. I know people are reading my Blog, so I don't do it as often. I need to. If my kids read it one day when they are older....I intend on printing it all out for binders...I don't want them to wonder why I had it all together when they might be struggling with things. I certainly DO NOT. I think I need to open up about some of my sruggles. People will relate to me more if I do...I'm sure of it! Thanks for the confirmation that I should!